Coup de Grace

how to dance the kyungsoo style

naive xiumin doesn’t even know the fans were screaming because of him.

Luhan will be in the movie Back to 20, Chinese version of Miss Granny. The movie is about an old woman who becomes 20 year old again. The role is still awaiting confirmation from SM.

In which Xiumin is an overprotective brother and Baekhyun is just unlucky. {Genre: DRAMA}

Hello! Loving your blog. I'm writing a story that one day i hope to get published. However, I haven't written in a while, I'm a bit rusty. Do you have any exercises that could help me or any tips?


One way to get into the swing of things it to try writing prompts and free writing. There’s a lot of tumblrs out there that you can follow for them!

You can also experiment with different types of writing - poetry, songwriting, etc - to stretch your writing muscles a bit. Joining a writing group or taking part in writing exercises can help a lot too! You can find writing exercises at:

Other ideas: create a daily notebook, free write for fifteen minutes a day, try writing about your favorite characters, pick an object in your room and detail its history, etc. Pretty much anything can flex your writing muscles, as long as you try it!

77/400 mama era pics



[140420] Luhan wearing Xiumin’s underwear (given to him for his birthday this year by a fansite.)

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